Small Business Services

Blue Print

OPS has a comprehensive suite of services to help your business stay future-focused and competitive. We understand entrepreneurs and are passionate about supporting business owners in their success. 



Strategic Planning 

Facilitating strategic planning sessions to help your leadership team create or revise your corporate strategy, vision, and mission statement. 

Final deliverable includes a complete and written strategic plan.


Business Continuity Planning

Developing and enhancing your organizational resilience. Identifying key threats, risks, and vulnerabilities that could disrupt your business operations. 

Key deliverable includes a complete and written Business Continuity Plan. 


Operational Excellence 

Using the right tools to identify and eliminate waste within your organization to improve your processes and increase your bottom line. 


Marketing & Branding 

Helping your organization create branding and awareness by designing a branding campaign, that identifies the right marketing and advertising opportunities. 


Website Design 

Our services also include website design and development, social media marketing, SEO optimization and more. 


Project Management 

Planning, organizing, and managing project activities required to complete an individual project with your predetermined parameters. Ensuring that your project performance remains on time and within budget.